Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

For Everyone that I leave

Hwaaaaa :(!
I was really upset, wasn't me?
I have a relation with someone from Pakistan. He's a good friend and I really hope we can talk each other. Although he's far and I will never know about the truth about what he's real.You know why?

He makes me OK with his advice. He could said something beautiful that i never heard. He could do something that someone i most wanted can't do that. And now... I miss him so much.
My account in FB is blocked by my school. And now, my relation with "him" become ....aaarrrggghh I hate this! I tried to be patient with the poor connection. Then I have to patient with our schedule. Now, I must be patient with this condition, blocking account! Huwaaaaaaaaaaa...... don't you know I miss "him" a lot.
So, last Sunday I tried to heal my heart. I got flowers from wedding party. Then, I made the flowers to be a good bucket. And that's for everyone that i have to leave....
Miss you all :)

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