Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

Hope I never waste my chance again :(

Hahaha :)
It's last last last last Sunday Picture. But, I just show it now because I always forgot about this picture.
I took this picture in Bukit Tidar. Oh, I'll always remember that time because that was my sweet dating :)

I just felt so bored at that time. I got many trouble and I thought I had to get some fresh to relax my brain. I was... too full with all this life. I knew I should keep silent and no comment about life, but I feel it was too hard to pass. So on Thursday, I asked Nadia what place in this town that has good view. She said, Bukit Tidar. What was that?
Bukit Tidar ( or Tidar Hills) was a villa in mountain's valley. It was cold and had fresh air. So, I decided to go there with my dating friend. U know who? It was Nadia. Well, I called it "DATING" because I went to Tidar Hills only with Nadia by motorcycle! She picked me at my dorm, she gave me lift, she treated me, and she delivered me back to my dorm. That was dating, wasn't it? Well, the difference thing , maybe, was Nadia isn't a boy. Right?
Finally, I arrived at Tidar Hills. I was so... relax. It was calm, it was cold, it was beautiful. I can view Malang City from Tidar Hills. I felt so calm. That wasn't a condition that I would got every time. I felt I could fly.
Then, I found a hills. There were sheep statues there. Wow! In far way, I thought that was real sheep. So I asked Nadia, could us go there? She said it's OK. So I went there and climbed the hills. Nadia didn't want climb the hills so I did that alone. So, I gave my camera to Nadia to take my picture.
After I went down, I looked my picture.
I almost really thought that I was in New Zealand. Wow! it was beyond relief!
But, it made me regret one thing. I wasn't in New Zealand or others place or others countries. I just in INDONESIA. I remember my fault. I just send my registration to join AFS program. But I made it useless. I forgot to come to the second test, interview test. Arrrggghhhh, stupid!
That was really good chance and I make it fly away. How fool!
So I hope I will never do some wrong again. Amin.

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