Minggu, 26 September 2010

Finally, I Could Found Them

Its really-really surprising me. After 5 years I left my beloved hometown, Pontianak, and my childhood friend there we finally found them again. For a enough-long-time not see each other, didn't how's our life after be apart, then I can see them again although just a picture. Although not all of them, but found 3 of them is a good lucky.

1st picture is my beauty-smart-cute friend. She's Dwike Erika, sometime I call him Ike. Now, she's studying Espanol. She told the mean of querida, a girlfriend. She's great, isn't it?
2nd picture is Natia with her friend. Now, she grows as a beautiful girl with good smile. She's like me, Korean lovers! We have same favorite boyband, favorite boy, anime, manga, and drama. Oh, I miss her so much!
3rd picture is Ceplotplot Sella. I don't know why did she said ceplotplot for herself, but the most important thing she's my amazing friend. How beautiful!
They are really important for me. I still remember our good day before I left. Our smile, our tears, our pain, I love it so much! I hope I have opportunity to go home to have pajamas party, talk 'till night over, and so on. Miss you all so much, Guys!

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