Minggu, 26 September 2010

I Found New Friend From Facebook

Do you know how boring your account on facebook because you have known all of your friends and have nothing to talk?
Just like me this afternoon.
Then, a friend request appeared to my account and I opened that.
"Wali Khan | confirm | ignore"
No friends in common.

Well, because I'm a kind person and I want to have more friends so I accept him. And I opened his account. He just has 38 friends so I think he's a newcomer. Maybe 5 'till 10 minutes, he was starting chat with me. And we talked so many things.
Then I knew he's from Pakistan, he's really great speak English, he has one brother and love him so much, he want to be a pilot in future, he's 16, he's college student, and so on.
I was really happy because I found a good friend. He taught me what should I wrote if I done mistakes. So I can improve my English. This is great, right?
This is the surplus of facebook. We can make friend where ever we want and we can improve our language if we talk with foreigner. And now, I want to have more friends from different places and make a good friendship with them. We never know what will happen in future, right? Maybe they will help me if I go to their country or other help.
Thank you, Mr. Kahn. You are a good teacher and good in advice. ^^

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